Monday, November 17, 2014

Words Fail Me

Well actually, one does spring to mind. But anyway...

This is a page from an issue of Superman/Wonder Woman coming out later this week.

Take a good look at this scene. Look at the words that are being put in Wonder Woman's mouth. Look at what they are having her do. Look at how they're having her react—or rather, not react—to an injured man's plea to help his son.

What is there to say?

This is what they've turned Wonder Woman into. A character created to be a paragon of compassion, heroism, and love has been reduced to a sword-wielding barbarian that regards injured civilians with disdain. And, of course, she needs Superman to educate her on the value of human life.

And I will bet you anything, the justification for this abysmal characterization of Diana is...say it with me:

And people still get confused as to why I despise what the Nu52 has done to Wonder Woman.
Gone is a character who gave up paradise so she could use her abilities for the benefit of others. Gone is a character that was supposed to use violence only when necessary. Gone is a likable character that is supposed to be defined by her compassion.

In her place is this blood-thirsty zealot, evidently incapable of basic human empathy, who left her home because it's a shit-hole and became a superhero because she wanted to kill things.

If it was possible for fictional characters to take out restraining orders against their creators, Wonder Woman should not allow the people at DC within five hundred yards of her.

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